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We continually develop better ways of using technology to make sure you stay ahead in the digital world.

Managing your brand online has moved from a one-sided presentation to a conversation that transcends social and mobile media. At Buyer, our interactive specialists separate the digital fads from the solutions with real value.

Web Design
  • Are you giving your website the attention it needs to guarantee success? Does your site accurately convey your value proposition? Is it optimized to capture search engine traffic? Is the content tailored for your target audiences? Are you taking advantage of video to dynamically sell your story? Buyer's been creating websites for more than 20 years. Let our digital experts give you an online advantage. To learn more contact us.
    Talent2You positions your job opportunities for optimal exposure by capitalizing on the popularity of using search engines such as Google to find jobs online. Talent2You optimizes your career site by providing candidates a quick and more rewarding job exploration process, without the need to change your applicant tracking system (ATS). Learn more about Talent2You.
  • Mobile
  • Think about what you did with your mobile device today – perhaps you made a reservation at your favorite restaurant, watched a talking dog video, or even applied for a new job. Whatever you did, it’s clear mobile devices have become the primary form of communication. Let Buyer design your next fully responsive website to ensure maximum candidate conversion and improved ROI. To learn more contact us.
    We expect you to hold us accountable; to deliver on our strategy and our promise to exceed your expectations. That’s why we are always looking for better ways to track source effectiveness. From consulting on the most appropriate ATS and configuring it to track your sources to setting up our AdMetrics tool, Buyer can provide you with the means to maximize your ROI on your next marketing initiative. To learn more contact us.
  • Pay-For-Performance Media Planning
  • Pay 4 Performance
  • Your need to find top talent is relentless, and often, the candidates you seek are not actively searching for jobs on job boards, aggregators, or even social media. On top of that, there aren't enough hours in the workday for you to effectively source quality talent through traditional resume databases. Learn more about Pay-For-Performance Media Planning.
    Seems like everyone is tweeting, liking, pinning, linking, blogging or just plain posting something personal online these days – Is your organization sharing in the conversation? Buyer can help develop and manage your social media presence while making sure your brand stays consistent across the web. Connect with us today and we'll be happy to solve your next social media challenge. To learn more contact us.
  • Social
  • Additional Digital Services Our suite of digital solutions has grown long over the years, So please contact us for a custom consultation.
    Additional Digital Services
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Programmatic Advertising
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Applicant Tracking System Consulting
    • Microsite Design
    • Texting Solutions
    • Social Networking Strategies
    • Online Employee Orientation
    • Online Collateral Management
    • Event Registration Sites
    • SSL Website Hosting
    • Pre-Roll Advertising
    • Online Videos
    • Online Job Distribution
    • Email Marketing
    • Blog Management
    • Message Boards
    • Online Resume Mining
    • Online Surveys
    • Custom Apps