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L.L. Bean: Seasonal & "New Store" Hiring Needs

Every year, L.L. Bean hires more than 4,000 seasonal workers in anticipation of their holiday season. These part-time employees perform various roles in multiple departments including Customer Service, Call Center, In-store Merchandising and Warehouse. And every year, Buyer supports L.L. Bean with custom recruitment strategies that leverage a combination of traditional, broadcast and digital media that drive on-time, and on-budget results.

Additionally, as L.L. Bean expands its retail footprint beyond its online catalog by opening “Brick & Mortar” locations throughout the United States, Buyer has been right there developing recruitment strategies to support its continued growth. In 2018, Buyer completed work on the new L.L. Bean career site to rave reviews.

With plans to add more than 45 locations over a 10 year period of time, Buyer will continue to drive hiring strategies that support the retail leader’s success.

Chico's FAS: Increasing Candidate Quality & Quantity Without Increasing Costs

Buyer has had the privilege of partnering with Chico's FAS for more than two years now. One of our first priorities was to re-launch their career site powered by Talent Engine, our search engine optimized hiring platform with enhanced source analytics.

Nearly immediately, our source analytics allowed Chico’s to be smarter and more effective with their recruitment budget, virtually eliminating the guess work with media buying. Our results identified true ROI and provided Chico’s with the confidence to allow Buyer to continue migrating dollars to new, higher performing media while lowering overall cost per hire.

In 2018, Buyer completed work on a reimagined version of the Chico’s FAS career site with a new Employer Brand and more impactful and engaging content.

PR Management (Panera Bread): Developing an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy from Scratch

As the leading franchisee of Panera Bread in New England, PR Management Corp. knows everything from soup to nuts when it comes to customer preferences in, well, soups and nuts — and salads and sandwiches. But the company, which boasts 63 Panera franchises in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, lacked a defined Employer Brand and a comprehensive recruitment strategy, including a career site, the epicenter of an organization’s talent acquisition efforts.

Five Guys: Discovering a "Fresh" Approach to Recruitment Advertising

For years, Five Guys Enterprises found themselves at the mercy of long term media contracts and the added frustration of not having actionable source data. That practice ended in 2018, when the global burger giant partnered with Buyer to launch Talent Engine Attract, a rules-based, programmatic media buying recruitment strategy.

This flexible, non-contract based solution has allowed Five Guys to realize optimal ROI without having to allocate media dollars to long term commitments. Through Buyer’s efforts, media budgets are now adjusted in real-time and spending decisions are based purely on performance. As a result of these changes, Buyer’s programmatic job advertising platform, Talent Engine Attract, has delivered over 10,000 completed applications in just a few short months.

UT Southwestern Medical Center: A Shot in the Arm to their Employer Brand, Career Site, Analytics & Candidate Experience

In 2015, UT Southwestern Medical Center engaged Buyer to increase awareness for their career opportunities in the highly competitive Dallas market. We conducted internal and external research in order to gain valuable insight into their culture, resulting in the development of their new Employer Brand – "Here, Extraordinary is an Everyday Reality."

Armed with the new Employer Brand, Buyer launched an enhanced career site powered by Talent Engine, our search engine optimized hiring platform with source analytics and improved candidate experience. By utilizing our data analytics driven career site platform, UT Southwestern Medical Center has seen significant improvement in candidate pipeline, ROI and is now able to confidently invest its recruitment advertising budget in only the highest performing media while eliminating under-performing channels.

Houston Methodist: An AI Strategy with Real Intelligence Behind It

Buyer prides itself on keeping our clients ahead of the competition. We continually strive to develop and identify emerging technologies that will enhance user experience while increasing ROI.

Partnering with one of our more progressive clients, Houston Methodist, a leading healthcare system in Houston, TX, Buyer successfully launched AI powered chat and text technology to automatically prescreen and schedule candidates, greatly increasing turn around time while simplifying the candidate experience.

More importantly, as Buyer is a metrics driven agency, we went to great lengths to ensure we could track the true ROI of the newly implementing AI technology by integrating the AI “influenced candidate data” into the source analytics powered by Talent Engine, our search engine optimized hiring platform.

Armed with real metrics on how AI can positively impact the hiring process, Houston Methodist and Buyer will continue to expand the use of AI over the coming months.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals: A new Employer Brand and Career Site that Sings

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, an international biopharmaceutical company focused on improving patients’ lives by developing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs in hematology and oncology, partnered with Buyer to identify and create its new Employer Brand and launch a new career site.

Using our proven research methodology, Buyer initiated the creative development process by first assessing the current Employer Brand in the marketplace and then establishing mutually agreed upon goals based on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of Jazz Pharmaceuticals as an employer. Research included conducting social media audits to assess candidate and employee feedback, performing competitor audits to determine opportunities to differentiate Jazz Pharmaceuticals from the competition, conducting leadership interviews to determine Employer Brand aspirations and desired messaging, and facilitating focus groups with employees across the country to hear first-hand experiences of life at the company.

Based on these results, Buyer crafted the new Jazz Pharmaceuticals Employer Brand and designed the new Jazz Pharmaceuticals career site to actively promote the newly minted employer culture promise.