Five Signs That Workplace Technology is Not Being Fully Utilized


Having appropriate technology in the workplace can increase efficiency, reduce costs and cut down on human error. However, even companies that incorporate technology may not be fully utilizing the best options. Here are five signs that workplace technology is not being utilized to the fullest in your business:

1. Employees Spend a Lot of Time Traveling

While some in-person communication will always be necessary, employees who are traveling regularly may not be utilizing modern communication methods, such as video conferencing, fully. According to the Houston Chronicle, for example, “Technology reduces travel costs because businesses can set up virtual meetings and distribute data without the need to be in the same room[1].”

2. There is No Single Means of Digital Communication

A McKinsey Global Institute Study quoted in Forbes reveals that some employees spend 19 percent of their work week searching for past information, emails and correspondence[2]. Streamlining communication and data storage with a single means of digital communication can help cut down on this waste of time.

3. Customer or Client Questions Are Going Unanswered

Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, website forums and answering machines, there may be customer complaints, requests or potential orders slipping through the cracks. If you have a presence on these platforms, it is vital to respond to them all, or simply pick the most effective ones and maintain them properly.

4. Employees Know How to Use Their Technology

Even if a business invests in the latest and most expensive items for the workplace, they simply won’t be beneficial unless they’re being used correctly. When new programs, software or devices are introduced to the workforce, consider a short training session to ensure that employees understand how to use the new additions.

5. Technology Isn’t Regularly Being Updated

Technology changes at a lightning-fast pace, and the NY Times understands that many consumers aren’t sure when it’s necessary to upgrade[3]. While investing in new laptops and printers each year is likely not a good use of company funds, an inventory of most-used items every few months is a smart place to start.

With these five signs in mind, companies can begin to fully utilize the technology they already have in their workplace.