Recruitment Marketing: The Long-Term Solution to Hiring Challenges in Healthcare.


As 2022 has trickled into 2023, the healthcare industry continues to experience its share of post-COVID recruitment challenges. Staffing shortages and burnout rates remain high, and healthcare worker retention is too low to ensure quality care. 

Thus, recruitment marketing is now of the utmost importance. In tight labor markets like healthcare, competition for job applicants and effective candidate pipelines is only half the battle. There is also the issue of retaining employees while burnout increases.

Health systems must consider emerging talent acquisition trends to stay competitive in today’s demanding labor market. By implementing the right strategies, organizations have opportunities for long-term improvement. In such a tight recruitment market, what is already working? What will work in the future? How can we maximize budgets, incorporate more effective, customizable recruitment tactics to reach your organization’s hiring goals?

The best way to approach hiring issues in 2023 is to keep up with current recruitment marketing trends. Healthcare organizations ought to explore their options when considering recruitment strategies for the long-term. For example, Henry Ford Health in Michigan has started to rely on the international recruitment trend to optimize its talent acquisition and hiring capabilities. Recently faced with hundreds of vacant nurse positions and unstaffed hospital beds, health systems like Henry Ford are recruiting abroad to fill staffing shortages exacerbated by the pandemic. 

The upside of an ‘international recruitment’ approach is that applicants go through an expedited green card sponsorship (the “Schedule A permanent residence” program). The Department of Labor designates practitioners as “Schedule A” when not enough US workers are willing, able, and available to fill critical healthcare roles. “Schedule A” clinicians will be able to live and work legally in the US within a year. Henry Ford Health expects hundreds of nursing recruits from the Philippines and Canada to begin working at its Michigan facilities by July. However, relying on a foreign-born labor force to grow the national pipeline of nurses is a temporary solution to longer-term challenges in healthcare recruitment today. 

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