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Where to start? The past few years have dropped huge changes onto our laps: major alterations to the way humans consume information, rumblings of economic uncertainty, and the coronation of social media. But no matter the ups and downs, this much is true: a brand remains the bread and butter of your company. A successful recruitment strategy is the engine behind success.

That’s where Buyer Advertising shines. For decades now (we came together in 1966, FYI), we’ve seen first-hand what brilliant marketing can achieve. What works? Bold approaches backed by innovative brainstorming. What doesn’t? Aimlessly firing shots off the port bow. That’s why we back up our portfolio of services with research. Every strategy we develop is fueled by extraordinary effort, innovative social media tools (such as this blog!), and good, old-fashioned elbow grease and burning the midnight oil. That’s a trade secret—don’t tell anyone, okay?

This space shall be our canvas for sketching out our thoughts on marketing trends, a place to scoop the latest buzz in recruitment advertising, and a portal to the inner-workings of our offices. Watch it! Join the movement. You’ll find us here, ready to lead the way: www.buyerads.com/blog.

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