Throwing Recruitment to the Masses


Once upon a time, job hunting was pretty straightforward: agencies and newspapers did the heavy lifting. Even the advent of the Internet kept things pretty much in line with one-stop-job sites such as But these times, they’re a-changin’.

What seemed like the pinnacle of online recruitment is transforming now that employees-to-be spend less time on traditional websites, and more time on social networking webpages.

Facebook remains the go-to source for social networking, and combined with the raw mass of human beings logging in every day, and excellent way to talk about jobs. And that’s the trick with social media: it isn’t simply listing positions your company needs to fill—it’s just as important to start a dialog with people. Friends recommending friends for open positions. Answering questions about your work environment. Sites like Twitter offer quick, popcorn glimpses into your workplace, while LinkedIn perfects the art of connecting people with positions in a way that’s more personal than “click-n-apply”.

The switch to social media is exciting, but it can also be confusing. Sometimes it takes months to plan the right strategy. Agencies like Buyer Advertising help.