The Reality of Recruiting in 2021



The after effects of COVID-19 have turned recruitment on its head. What began as mass layoffs has turned into many businesses needing to quickly recruit, hire and train staff. Organizations need to both go back to the basics of recruiting, and get creative to engage with candidates. The best way to do this? Be flexible and committed to passionately sharing your company culture.

Flexibility is key.

Flexibility can be applied to your recruitment strategy in several ways. Firstly, be open to remote work. Organizations can miss out on quality candidates due to geographical limitations. A quality candidate pool should prioritize identifying top performing candidates, regardless of location, if the job can be done remotely.

Another opportunity for flexibility is in the minimum qualifications that you set for your ideal candidate. Gartner research found that 43% of today’s candidates are self-taught in one or more of their role’s requirements. Instead of relying solely on a candidate’s credentials and background, get a sense of their capabilities and willingness to learn. Not only does it grow your candidate pool, it encourages growth and attracts those most in-line with your company goals.

Live and breathe your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

An EVP is your promise to candidates. It embodies your company culture, work/life balance, goals, and should always be felt by candidates and employees. 2021 presents the challenge of selling your EVP through a virtual hiring process, with strong calls for diversity and inclusion. Think about how your organization promotes these. Consider inclusion initiatives and focus on strengthening career ladders for your team. A clear investment in your employees will set you apart from competitors and maximize candidate interest.

Let’s take on 2021 together. With 50+ years of recruitment marketing experience, Buyer Talent Solutions is ready to leverage our resources and industry knowledge to meet your hiring goals. Contact us at to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions.

Virtual Hiring Best Practices



We’re approaching the 1-year mark of when the pandemic began. And while business sectors continue to re-open, the reality is that most hiring efforts are and will continue to happen online.

Virtual hiring is new territory for candidates and businesses. The Buyer team has established four tips for basic interview etiquette. Candidates and interviewers alike can use these tips, and all promote professionalism while giving you time to focus on the interview itself.

#1: Research your interview platform.

Whether its Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Webex, its important to be familiar with the platform the interview will take place on. Taking time to learn basic functionality like how to share the screen or mute yourself asserts your capability and prevents any delays or disruption in the interview.

#2: On or off? Make your video expectations known.

Most tools for virtual interviews have a video option. Giving candidates a heads up about using video during virtual interviews takes away any confusion and allows both parties to prepare accordingly.

#3: First impressions are everything.

Virtual interviewing makes people hyper-aware of whose on their screen. A big part of virtual interview etiquette is how you present yourself. Proper attire, lighting, and a simplistic background are essential for productive interviews and preventing distractions.

#4: Eye contact is key.

During interviews, first impressions go both ways. Looking directly into your camera comes across as direct eye contact on the other party’s screen. It’s a sign of respect and shows active listening, telling the candidate or interviewer you value what they have to say.

Virtual hiring can be seamless, and Buyer is here to help. With over 53 years of recruitment advertising experience, we’re confident we’ll exceed your staffing expectations. Contact us at to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions.

Celebrating Women’s History Month



March is Women’s History Month, a time for honoring and celebrating women—past, present, and future—and their continued achievements made in a variety of sectors throughout American history.

Buyer is proud to be a WBE certified agency, recognized as a Working Woman Magazine’s Top 500 Woman-Owned Company, and a Boston Business Journal’s Top 100 Woman-Led Business in Massachusetts.

Buyer understands the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We pledge our continued commitment and support for women in business—from the way we operate, the work we do, and the client relationships we hold.