Facebook Timeline Revolution: To Choose or No?


Chances are, you’ve seen it already: The Facebook Timeline, a radical departure from the traditional social media giant’s GUI and a re-imagining of the way user events and happenings are portrayed. Stated simply, the Facebook Timeline looks to display user information in a more editorial, time-based manner, with more of an emphasis on blocks of data rather than lines of text. It’s a move not unsimilar to smart phones and the blockish, scroll-heavy way they display information.

But that’s all beside the point. Here’s the deal: whether you like it or not, Facebook is switching all users and business pages over to Facebook Timeline on March 30th. No more “classic”, no matter how much you may have enjoyed it.

This presents a problem. While it may be a superior interface (or not!), making the switch mandatory takes away the illusion of choice that many social media outlets present as their backbone. It’s also an obvious maneuver to directly compete against Google+’s format—a move that’s proving to be, perhaps, not all that necessary.

How big will the ripples of the changeover to on March 30th? And how do you feel about the new interface? Let us know in the comments below!

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