Trend Watch for HR Strategies

HR is changing, and along with streamlining comes bold new changes for the future. Here are some changes that HR departments are already implementing, and how improvements make their way throughout their organization.

– Greenifying: HR staff are being called to take an active role in reducing the company carbon footprint—that means finding new ways to eliminate paper in favor of electronic storage, initiating recycling drives, and sponsoring employee riding-sharing programs.

– Humanizing strategies with perks such as daycare, flex time, and work-at-home opportunities, and a looser attendance policy.

– Cutting the fat—as budgets continue to tighten, HR personnel are called upon to be the gatekeepers of effective programs, and to help eliminate what doesn’t work.

– Succession planning: more than cross-training, there’s a growing demand for battle-preparedness in the likelihood of staff turnover.
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