Jobs, Apps, and Fun (Oh My)


Once upon a time, apps for mobile phones were code for fun–small games you could play to kill time while waiting for the bathroom. Short for application, these third-party developed software programs live on Droid, iPhones, and BlackBerry devices, tucked away inside pockets across the world. But it’s not all fun and games–applications today are providing real value. In particular, specialty programs are connecting job seekers with open positions.

Job hunting is an unemployed worker’s game. On-the-go types with current positions looking to further their careers may find themselves with less time to spend on the job hunt. Yet, they remain an important demographic for job recruiters. Mobile applications help HR staff link up with qualified candidates by reaching out through their phones–and on a job seeker’s own schedule.

Such search apps include CareerBuilder’s program and Job Compass, and are already providing value to seekers and recruiters alike. Functionality includes detailed job descriptions with searchable criteria, the ability to view vacancies on a map, and to forward details to a computer for further inspection. As the nation’s workforce migrates away from the desk and becomes increasingly mobile, consider mobile recruiting as an effective, long-term goal for your hiring strategy.

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