Does Video Based Recruitment Really Work?


Videos have transformed the Internet almost as much as the Internet itself has transformed the sharing of information. Recent studies have shown that at least 85 percent of all Internet users watch videos every month. The majority of the people browsing websites would prefer videos over text; they like the simplicity, the rapid-fire information sharing, and the entertainment value.

All of this translates perfectly into recruiting. You could write the most compelling copy in the world, describing everything that your company has to offer, and most people simply would not read it. They would skim over it. Reading a entire page of information takes too long, and people have too many things to do to devote their time to something like that unless they have no other choice.

However, these same people will happily click on a three-minute video and watch the whole thing. This is why it is an effective recruiting tool – it opens the door to far more prospective employees. It throws a wide net that draws in top talent from all over the world.

A recruiting video also allows you to create a strong brand for your company. You can creatively use things like you logo, your color scheme, a slogan, a jingle, and much more. Text is far too simple to truly capture everything that fits into your brand, that gives your company its identity.

Finally, people are very quick to share videos. If they find them funny, interesting, or engaging, they will post them on social media sites and blogs. They will recommend them to their friends. A well-made video has the chance to get millions of views. With this type of exposure, you can really find the talent that you are searching for.

In the end, recruiting is too important to ignore the changes in the industry. You must have the best possible employees, and you need to get their attention in order to connect with them. A video is a sure way to attract a lot of attention, to build up your brand and your company image, and to start recruiting high-caliber employees today.