Confronting Coronavirus in Your EVP



Coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the recruitment landscape—from the essential skills employers seek, to the values candidates expect. In cultivating a “new normal”, employers must re-evaluate their Employee Value Proposition to be in-line with current attitudes.

An EVP is the unique identifier within your Employer Brand—the promise your company makes to a prospective candidate. If you are not actively managing it, your current and former employees as well as today’s job seekers will.

Taking control of your Employer Brand starts with research—learn where talent is, how to grab their attention, and what they’re looking for in a post-COVID workplace. Then, align that with what your current employees share as unique benefits of your organization. With over 53 years of experience cultivating unique Employer Brands, we know that a compelling and engaging Employer Brand can lower your cost per hire by 50% and reduce your turnover rate by 28%.

Leave nothing to interpretation. Now more than ever, candidates are looking for a clear commitment to compassion, community, and wellbeing. Attract the right candidates for your organization, while exercising leadership that sets you apart.

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