Optimize Your Spend Toward Qualified Applicants with Programmatic Advertising



With any marketing efforts, budget matters—especially in times like these. Programmatic job advertising has redefined recruitment marketing and the way companies post their openings on job boards. Standard pay-per-click advertising often directs much of a company’s budget towards easy-to-fill jobs, resulting in paying for too many clicks, while hard-to-fill jobs lack in exposure and applies. Paying for excess clicks (candidates) can waste up to 30% of a company’s advertising budget.

Implementation of programmatic job advertising allows a company to take control of their budgets by setting up rules for how many clicks/applies they want to receive for each job. In addition, programmatic job advertising removes the guess work of determining which job boards are most effective, by allowing for real-time data analysis at the job level. Through its flexible spending model, companies can adjust media spend across a diverse range of job boards and optimize towards KPIs such as lowest cost-per-click, lowest cost-per-apply, lowest cost-per-qualified-apply, and more.

The ‘Attract’ module of our Talent Engine platform combines human and technology to offer our clients a best-in-class option for programmatic job advertising. Our goal is to eliminate waste, drive better candidate flow, and improve ROI.

Let’s make the most of your budget. Buyer’s programmatic team is ready to leverage our resources and industry knowledge to meet your hiring goals. Contact us at 857-404-0864 or info@BuyerAds.com to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions.