Better Strategies for Linking Up


LinkedIn remains a tools many marketers use–but few master. The static nature so often associated with LinkedIn is anything but. This social networking space can be a platform for announcing special events, hiring initiatives, and for actively seeking out and connecting with old and future business contacts. Here are 3 tips for making the most of your time on LinkedIn.

Helpfulness helps.Offer advice to other networked professionals, check in every so often with a genuine, “how are you?”, and offer answers to questions in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn. Becoming a resource is the number one way to attract attention in the world of social media—and in the case of LinkedIn, more attention means better access to qualified candidates.

Get up to date. Update your own profile with links to your personal and company homepages, provide an email address, and keep information up-to-date. Staying relevant keeps you foremost in the minds of potentially perfect candidates—and after all, isn’t that what we’re after?

Post often. If you’re logging onto LinkedIn only when you have a position to fill, you’ll be staring into an empty basket every time. The best recruiters spend time building their network even when they’re full up. LinkedIn gives you some great ways to do that: inviting colleagues and acquaintances to connect, joining professional groups, and listing yourself by geographic location.

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