SEO, Facebook, and Your Strategy


It may have custom apps, updates from your best friends, and pictures of birthday parties across the globe, but at the end of the day, a Facebook webpage is still a webpage. Businesses maintain a Facebook page for the same reason they keep up a traditional website: to attract customers or potential hires. Therefore, it stands to reason they need keep an eye on SEO, too. If a company is invested in their Facebook strategy, they should keep a close watch on its visibility. Paying attention to a few attributes will help boost your Facebook site’s ranking in search engines, and make your new media plan that much more effective.

1.  Keep current on your content; post at least once a week—more often will get you ranked higher.
2. Stay consistent in your naming—your Twitter and LinkedIn account should all sport the same brand name as your Facebook.
3. Upload media to Facebook including images and video.
4. Get your industry keywords up in the “info” and “about” sections of your page.
5. Investigate events—by hosting an event and promoting it through Facebook, you’re adding another indexable element to your page.

Until next time,
Buyer Advertising