Facebook Events to Remember


Creating an effective strategy on Facebook takes more than just the time to set up your site and fill in relevant information. You need a content plan where you’ll be disseminating helpful tips to your fans, enticing customers with special deals, and doling out entertainment to those who wander through your little spot in the social media space. Another powerful promotional tool on Facebook is events. Using the built-in utility, you can create and promote event happenings in a quick, easy, and very visible way.

1. In order to promote an event, you must first have a business Facebook page. A personal account won’t cut it—you need to have a central portal your attendees can “fan” as part of your registration process.

2. Choose a location that is close to where the majority of your Facebook fans reside. Consider integrating a Tweetup, holding a seminar, or hosting a hiring event for your business

3. Send out invitations. Decide if you want your event to be invitation only, where the only people who can accept and view details are ones you have sent to, or open to all.

Events remain a great way to show that your Facebook page isn’t just for looks—things are happening, and that keeps your brand foremost in the minds of your fans.

Signing off for now,
Buyer Advertising