Online Tips for Health Care Recruitment


When one considers social media, it evokes thoughts about real-time interaction and a healthy dose of anxiety if you haven’t been keeping up with the trend. With an astronomical growth in popularity of Facebook and Twitter—not to mention a user base who is spending more and more of their leisure time online—social media remains a premier way to tackle your recruitment initiatives. Recruitment trends in health care are distinct in the ways people interface with your company and unique offerings. Here’s an overview.

The big players. Facebook, Twitter, blogging: Health care organizations offer a range of opportunities that encompass high-profile physician openings to spots in an IT department. By separating Facebook and Twitter pages to specially to advertise jobs opportunities, you can maximize your social media opportunities.

Real-time feedback for job seekers. Nothing is more discouraging to potential job applicants than submitting their letter of interest or resume and then waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Posting their interest as a Facebook entry or blog comment allows an administrator to acknowledge them as a person and give feedback.

Research goes both ways. Just as candidates can click through and explore the culture and information on a health care institution, so too can a school explore the personality of a person. The tables have turned, and some hiring decisions are being made without ever meeting a candidate in person.

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