As adherents to the venue that is advertising, you’re no shrinking violet when it comes to online initiates. You may even have heard of heat mapping, a technique that tracks users’ eyes when they view a website for the first time. It’s a useful tool when evaluating your website, but what’s more interesting is how it stacks up against Facebook pages—giving us insight into the way consumers take in your profile information.

EyeTrackShop, an organization that develops and institutes eye tracking software, recently came out with a study demonstrating the way surfers scan your Facebook.

Stated simply, people pay the most attention to the following sections of your site:

– Profile picture
– “Fan” list
– Content, based on scanning from top to bottom.

What does this mean when setting up your own Facebook page to maximize attention? Don’t skip steps. Place in a meaningful profile picture. Make sure you have a fan base that can be scanned. And, importantly, make sure your content is fresh and relevant.

Signing off for now,

Buyer Advertising