Social Media Steps for Small Businesses


You’re a small business. You work hard, but you don’t have thousands to invest in a multiamedia, cross-channel campaign to buff up your social media standing. You need practical advice you can easily translate into more “likes” on Facebook, more followers on Twitter. Here are a few tips for your to get the lead out–without breaking the bank.

1. Share useful articles, videos, and links to resources that can directly benefit your customer.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or for fresh ideas—it keeps your fan base interested and interactive.

3. Post at least once a week. Activity keeps you relevant in the mighty eyes of Google.

4. List ways to connect with other parts of your business. For example, a link where your fans can sign up for your newsletter.

5. Post recent work or ongoing collaborations. Even if you’re a resource for your fans, they still don’t mind hearing (occasionally) about what’s going on in that office of yours.

6. Actively network. Find similar companies and message them. Identify client bases, and do what you can to tap into them.

7. Offer discounts. Better yet, offer discounts only available to your Facebook fans.

‘Til next time,

Buyer Advertising