New Technologies and Growing Pains


Sometimes, the little guys have it easy. While it’s easy to conceive of modern, social-media aligned initiatives, implementing them is a task that requires a nimble touch. If you’re a peppery bunch of 20 employees, designing and implementing a tactical approach to blogging, Facebook,’ing and tweeting is a matter of a few afternoons. For larger entities, you’re looking at meetings, discussions, brand decisions, approval rounds, and more. Months of work could be in store before you even give a shout out to your very first of fans.

Our advice to these larger organizations: be like the little guys. The smallest companies can amass enormous followings through charm, personality, and transparency. Shoot for the same attributes—even if more obstacles stand in your way. As a marketing department, stand unified in your decision to engage social media. Set guidelines and milestones from the start that are flexible enough to allow multiple contributors while keeping your voice unified. Here are a few more tips:

– Create Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts—even if you have nothing to say (just yet).
– Your blog should be professional and informal—practice style before posting.
– Once you start, don’t stop! Maintain a regular schedule of updates.

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