Striking the Right Recruitment Tone on Social Media

Social media has become a major facet of our personal and professional lives. Harnessing the power and reach of your business’ presence on multiple social media platforms can help you increase your recruitment efforts and cast a wider net to potential applicants. But how do you strike the right professional tone in a less formal forum?

Pithy, But Professional
The main difference between a traditional job description and the content on social media sites is the length of content. Twitter forces users to post in 140 characters or less and while Facebook allows for longer posts, users tend to prefer content in the 200 character range. This means that your company must get to the heart of your recruitment pitch in very little time. Consider posting the most exciting sentence or two from your latest job description, along with a link to the full posting on your company’s site. Or, use the unique features of visual social media, like Pinterest or Instagram, to share unique insights into your company’s culture. Show your potential hires what a typical workspace in your company looks like by taking care to choose an employee’s space that embodies the type of values you want to promote.

Sharing images of your staff hard at work can also increase interest in joining your team. It’s appropriate to share images or posts that allude to the perks of working in a close-knit office, but take care not to focus on how hard your team plays once the weekend comes around. For businesses, social media can be a chance to communicate the values and vision that drive its products and people. Resist the urge to lower your recruitment efforts to the lowest common denominator, even if you think those types of posts will generate “shares” and “likes.”

Powerful Personalities
If your staff is fairly social media savvy, be sure to highlight their interesting posts, tweets, videos and images. As you work to recruit quality people to your company, you can help this effort by showcasing the already stellar people on your team and communicate your commitment to their success both on and offline.