Every Interview Counts: Making a Good Impression Through Recruitment


Although most people think of an interview as a chance for potential candidates to impress hiring managers, the reality is that many interviews are actually a chance for high-quality candidates to find out whether or not a particular job appeals to them. Recruiters, hiring managers and employers need to work just as hard in order to make a great impression and recruit the best possible talent. Here are some key ways to make any interview work to your advantage.

Be as Specific About Job Duties as Possible

One of the reasons that top candidates decide against a specific position is because they don’t know what to expect. Jumping into a vague career is far more risky than one where the tasks are clearly outlined. If possible, have specifics written down or memorized, so that interviewees can better understand what their job might be like if they were to accept a position at your company.

Have Flexibility When it Comes to Benefits and Schedules

Surprisingly, many employees actually rank flexibility as more important than salary when it comes to accepting employment. Make sure that you are able to offer some kind of flexibility, and be open about it during the interviews. Parents of young children, for example, might appreciate coming in early and leaving early on certain weekdays. Other employees alternatively might prefer the option of working from home on two days each week.

Do Your Homework on the Candidate

Hiring managers would be disappointed in an interviewee who didn’t know anything about their company, but all too many know little about their candidate. Do your research prior to an interview and be able to mention specifics about the person’s job history. This will show that you are genuinely interested in them and appreciate their accomplishments.

Follow Up Immediately

After the interview ends, make sure that you make some kind of follow-up contact within 24 hours. It could be a quick call thanking them for coming in, or it could be a friendly email saying the same.

Recruiting top talent is one of the challenges of a successful business. These tips can ensure that candidates who interview with you leave feeling impressed and interested.