3 Ways to Speed Up the Hiring Process Without Sacrificing Quality


In the hiring world, there is a common misconception that a long hiring process is the best way to search for talent. In reality, finding and hiring talent is a business decision as much as it is a people one. From the business standpoint, you need to get the position filled quickly. A quicker hiring process lowers the overall cost per hire. Here are three ways that you can find talent quickly, without sacrificing quality:

1. Look Internally

Before you draft a job description and begin your search for the perfect hire, post the job internally. There could be an employee with the exact qualities you are looking for right under your nose. Although hiring internally may still leave a position to be filled, hiring a clerical or general production laborer is much less time-consuming than searching for the experience and knowledge it takes to fill a higher-level position.

2. Amp Up Your Job Descriptions

A job description is your chance to convey this to prospective employees. Be descriptive – instead of simply listing job duties, try providing a brief description of the company, its benefits and why individuals would want to work there. When it comes to outlining the requirements of the job, be as specific as possible to narrow your search.

3. Flexible Interviewing

Whenever you are searching for a specific type of employee, always assume that other companies want them too. In order to be competitive, you may want to offer flexible scheduling options. In a world dominated by smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, you are no longer limited to in-person interviews. Video chatting platforms allow you to conduct an equally thorough interview without the hassle of coordinating schedules. This gives you the flexibility to schedule the interview virtually any time.

When it comes to hiring, speed is not necessarily indicative of quality. The secrets to filling a position quickly are modifying your strategy and being flexible. Doing this will enable you to find a quality candidate in no time.