What to Look For When Conducting a Video Interview


Over the past decade, the rise of video interviews has been impressive. Starting first with technology companies, video conferencing is now a common way for businesses to interview potential candidates. In fact, one survey from 2012 reports that 63 percent of companies use Internet-based video conferencing technology for the interview process[i]. In many ways, conducting a video interview is similar to a face-to-face meeting, thanks in large part to the rapid rate of technological improvements. However, there are some key differences. Here are the top things to look for when conducting a video interview:

Eye Contact

When using Skype technology to conduct an interview over the Internet, interviewees often make the mistake of looking at their own face on the screen rather than looking directly into the camera. While this can sometimes be attributed to using new technology, those individuals who maintain eye contact are typically those who are self-assured and confident. Those interviewees looking at their own picture may be nervous or uncomfortable about the interviewing process. Just as you would take eye contact in a traditional interview to be a strength, you should consider eye contact through the camera in a video interview.

Professional Appearance

Since video interviews typically only show the top half of a person’s body, some interviewees are only dressing professionally from the waist up. While the odds of you seeing their jeans or sweatpants on screen are slim, take note of their surroundings. Are the walls bare and the desk clean? Both the potential candidate and their workspace should come across as clean, professional and mature.

Predetermined Answers

Having great answers to all of your questions is an advantageous thing, but interviewers should be sure that potential job candidates are not simply reading predetermined or scripted answers. Preparing for an interview shows focus and organizational skills, but simply reading from a card can be seen as negative. Ask some unusual or completely unexpected questions to determine their ad lib communication skills.

With the cost of flying a candidate to a job interview being so high, an increasing number of companies are turning to online video conferencing interviews.

[i] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/survey-six-in-10-companies-conduct-video-job-interviews-167973406.html