How High Employee Retention Rates Can Positively Impact Your Business


High employee retention rates can be great for your business, especially in terms of recruitment purposes. Lower employee turnover rates can indicate to prospective candidates that your organization is a stable and satisfying place to work. High morale and huge cost savings are just a few of the benefits of maintaining high levels of employee retention. Here are some other ways that high retention rates can positively impact your company:

Increased Productivity

The longer employees stay with your company, the better they will be at their job. Under good management, their job knowledge and skill level will steadily increase over time. Having more tenured employees could lead to more sales, better service and increased productivity. Additionally, your staff may have a stronger understanding of your business and its customers. Kristen May, contributor at the Houston Chronicle, wrote that “Low turnover makes it easier for the company to focus its time and energy on the business at hand rather than adapting to new staff.[i]

Cost Savings

Countless studies have attempted to measure the true cost of employee turnover. A recent study by reveals that the true cost of employee turnover can be as much as 150 percent of their annual salary for higher level positions[ii]. With this in mind, one thing is certain: employee turnover is costly – the time and resources your company will save on recruiting and training new employees can be invested into keeping your existing employees happy.

Higher Customer Retention

While your customers likely chose your company for its high-quality products and services, they stay loyal because of personal interactions with your employees. Customers enjoy a stable staff that they can build relationships with. It can make them feel more comfortable about stopping by your store or calling customer service. In addition, employees that have been with a company longer will be more knowledgeable about your products and services. This can be a huge benefit to your customers.

High employee retention rates are good for your customers and your employees. While your customers benefit from the knowledge and expertise of more seasoned employees, your employees will benefit from deep bonds with their co-workers. Keeping your retention rates high can leave you with a happy, well-functioning company.