Best Time of Year to Hire Resources


image_27Hiring new workers can be tricky. Owners have to walk that fine line between hiring too many people who then run out of work and not hiring enough people to get all of the work done on time. However, even when it is clear that you need more workers, knowing when to look for them can be difficult. Is there a prime time of year to bring on extra help?

For seasonal businesses, the answer is clear: As demand goes up, more workers have to be brought in, and they then have to be let go as the demand falls. If you run a company that cleans pools in the Midwest, you are not going to need anyone for six months of the year, but you need to drastically increase your workforce in the spring, when people are opening their pools back up, and during the summer.

For non-seasonal businesses, the spring may also be the best time of year, however. That is when most colleges let out, and so the job market will be flooded with new graduates. They are all going to be looking for positions in May and June, with the best employees being swept up right away. You can still find workers in July, August and September, but you may miss out on the workers that you really want. The ones who are left are those who were turned down at other places. There is also a minor surge in workers in early December due to students who graduate after the fall semester, but it is not as drastic.

It is worth noting that many students will start sending out resumes and applications in March and April, before they really graduate, to make sure that jobs are waiting for them. Hiring at this time can work; it all depends on your goals. If you are looking for the very best employees, finding them in advance is worth it, as you could offer them a position before they take one elsewhere. If you need employees who can start immediately, though, this may not work as well, seeing as how the people you hire may not actually be able to start for a few months.