Strategies for Establishing a Presence in the Workforce


image_011Establishing a presence in the workforce allows employers to find candidates with the skills, expertise and experience necessary to succeed in a particular position. Being able to recruit this top talent depends on these desirable employees recognizing an employer’s name and worth. These three strategies can help employers establish a presence for recruiting the top talent in the workforce.

Creation and Maintenance of Recruiting Networks

Even as unemployment levels remain moderately high compared to historical numbers, the talent that an employer desires may not be aware of the employer’s available position openings. To get the word out about who an employer is looking for to fill available openings, the establishment and maintenance of a recruitment network is necessary. Employers can use tools such as social media, company blogs and employment forums to send out messages about the type of talent the company desires.

Partner with Local Colleges and Universities

Local educational institutions that train and educate workers are natural partners for establishing a presence in the workforce. In addition to recruiting high-quality interns, the college and universities in the area are also a great source of regular staff members as students graduate from their programs. Within the higher education system, remember to add the alumni office to the partnership list. Alumni often contact their alma mater when they are seeking a career change or a new position within their industry.

Working with Professional Organizations

Professional organizations related to an employer’s industry are often the go-to source for those seeking a new position. Employers can post their job openings on the websites of these organizations. Individuals who maintain a membership with their professional organization are likely to have the training and experience that employers are looking for. This type of workforce strategy also expands the search for candidates as most professional organizations have a national base. If the organization has state or local chapters, post with them as well.