Presenting a Possibility-Rich Opportunity to Diversity- and Military-Related Candidates


image_014Currently, many companies are seeking to add to the diversity of their workforce as well as attract qualified veterans. In setting these goals, they are finding it necessary to adjust their recruitment and hiring processes. To attract sufficient numbers of qualified candidates, these businesses are learning that it is important to focus on the opportunities and career paths they offer.

Going Beyond the Traditional

The market for both diversity- and military-related employees is more competitive than in the past. As these individuals enter the market, they are seeking situations that are more attractive than the standard positions normally available. Such candidates come to the job market with different perspectives, experiences and expectations.

Many veterans have enjoyed significant responsibilities during their time in the military. With a strong emphasis on leadership and getting the job done, these potential members of a team will be looking for jobs that promise the ability to grow and use their leadership capabilities. Even if the entry-level position they are offered is somewhat limited, it must be understood that there is an opportunity to advance and achieve a position of responsibility within a reasonable period of time.

Likewise, candidates from diverse backgrounds will critically evaluate a position to see if it has a reasonable path for growth and advancement. There is a natural expectation that these individuals will experience barriers and limitations in life, and they are most attracted to companies where they see evidence of full acceptance.

More than Words

To create such an environment, it is important to provide early and abundant evidence that opportunities do exist and are attainable. Achieving this result includes introducing candidates to successful members of the team who have come from similar backgrounds and flourished within the company structure.

Implementing and maintaining programs that assist with the transition and development of employees from these programs also provide solid evidence of a commitment to aiding these prospects in becoming valued and successful additions to the workforce. Providing clear examples of how these programs work and are effective in making potential opportunities into realizable goals is essential in the recruitment process.