Onboarding Online: Twitter Edition


Although the buzz on popular news outlets would suggest otherwise, Twitter is still a newcomer to the social media scene. It’s radically different (read: there’s a 140-character limit), so companies and individuals alike are still learning to use it. Today at Buyer Advertising, we’re focusing on one of the ways that Twitter benefit your organization: as a recruitment tool.

To maximize your time effectiveness online, there are some essential elements you should be hitting every time you hop online to post about an open position. Here are some basics to get your started.

Provide a clear call to action. It’s great to promote job openings at your organization, but unless you tell casual Twitter surfers what to do next, they’ll be stymied. Get a link in that describes the open position in more detail while qualifying yourself as a reputable workplace. Don’t forget to include a website link where they can apply online once you’ve piqued their interest.

Fill out your profile completely. 140 characters isn’t much when it comes to qualifying you as the best place to work in town. Although you may get responses, you want responses from exemplary candidates—and that means they need to learn about your company before applying. Fill out your Twitter profile; it’s a good way to make the case for your company without bumping into character limits.

Link to your career site. Often. Always remember: Twitter is a portal service, not a content distribution site. It’s a good idea to have a landing page built specifically for Twitter leads that describes your organization, culture, and career opportunities before getting into the nitty-gritty of job descriptions. Remember your audience, however: keep sections colorful, focused, and brief so Twitter’ers don’t suffer from Web-shock.