Reading into QR Codes


You may have seen them everywhere—from restaurant menus to car dealerships. QR codes are a sign of the times: the ability of our smartphones to quickly decode short bits of information that are the hallmark of these digital stamps. QR codes, short for “Quick Response” codes, can be quickly scanned into smartphones and decoded with an appropriate “app”. The result could be a short, meaningful phrase, an “ecard” with information about an individual or business, instructions on how to enter a contest, or an email contact. The amount of data varies by type of QR code used, and the possibilities are many.

While an interesting diversion, the ability of QR codes to convey meaningful information is limited as things stand right now. As most things in the advertising world, it is up to the businesses and people therein to employ a tool like QR codes creatively and effectively. Look to utilize QR codes as part of a larger strategy: a campaign or a viral endeavor. Don’t pin the hopes of your business on a QR code effort without the gusto to back it up.

Signing off for now,
Buyer Advertising