5 Tips for Creating a Positive Working Atmosphere That Increases Productivity


The most productive employees are often such an asset to their employers because they are allowed to thrive in a positive and motivating environment. To increase productivity in any workplace, these five tips can create a more motivating and uplifting office for staff:

1. Forget Intimidation Tactics

In the short term, intimidation might get an employee to complete a project on time or work hard to please a client. In the long-term, however, that intimidation could backfire. According to Forbes, “Employees who feel satisfied, valued and happy at work typically do far better than those who feel disgruntled or overlooked.[1]

2. Allowance For a Work-Life Balance

Some managers think that setting strict office hours boosts productivity, but some experts argue with that line of thinking. Michael Poh, contributor at Hongkiat.com, believes that a flexible schedule and better work-life balance allows employees to focus completely on their tasks at the office.[2]

3. Embrace Comfort

A depressing, dark and ordinary office may be best for the budget, but it can limit the creativity and productivity of employees. Smart Business Trends suggests that companies allow their employees the freedom to create a warm space all their own, and they acknowledge that factors ranging from adequate light to a comfortable temperature all play a role in creating a more productive workplace[3]. The aim should be to, “Create a pleasant work area for each employee, and give them their own space.”

4. Take Advantage of Technology

Although social media websites might be the bane of many managers trying to keep employees on track, technology still has an integral place in a productive office. Tablet computers to take notes or switching to emailed agendas rather than physically copies are all ways to cut down on wasted time. Chris Johnson, contributor at the The Houston Chronicle said that, “Encourage your employees to make use of technology, whenever possible, to save time.[4]

5. Offer Confidence

Perhaps one of the most significant ways that a company can enjoy more a productive atmosphere is by having managers and bosses that are confident about the success of their employees. One way to do this, according to expert Andrew Jensen, is to, “Show that you trust your employees to make the right decisions for the overall well-being of the company.[5]

Increasing productivity should be a constant goal for businesses of any size. These tips can help create a positive and motivating environment that is perfect for inspiring productivity in staff.

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