Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Work-at-Home Freelance Professional


image_09When your business needs to outsource certain services for a project, work-at-home freelance professionals are a great choice. Your company gets the expertise of an independent contractor without having to deal with the training and integration processes. Before making the decision to hire a work-at-home freelance professional, ask each candidate these questions:

What Is Your Availability?

To make sure that your project stays on its timeline, ask the freelance professional what his or her availability is. You may need to know how much time it will take the professional to complete the work that you want done. You might also want to know how quickly the professional will return your calls or emails. Another variant on this question is the freelance professional’s general daily availability, such as whether he or she will work on your project only on specific days or times of the week.

What Is Your Experience?

Before making a decision about hiring a work-at-home freelance professional, ask about the relevant experiences he or she has had doing work similar to what your project entails. If you need a survey done of 1,000 people and a logistic regression analysis of the results, you may want to know that the freelance professional has only done qualitative analyses in the past. Asking for written or online examples of the freelance professional’s work may help you to make a decision about whether the person has the experience that your project requires.

What Are Your Terms of Payment?

While terms of payment are typically included in a contract for independent professionals, they are important to discuss during the decision-making process. Your work-at-home professional may desire a deposit for services. You may ask about discounts for prepayments or penalties that you could incur for paying any of the professional’s invoices later than the due date.

Hiring a work-at-home freelance professional can help increase the efficiency of your projects. These professionals also add specialty experience that your company needs in specific situations. By occasionally bringing in an independent freelance professional, your company can expand its products and services to your loyal customers.