Socialize Your Public Relations


Influencing public opinion is oftentimes the lifeblood of small-, mid-, and large-sized businesses. And there’s no medium where this fact becomes more sharply crucial than media relations. What many public relations departments are learning is that social media, mobile applications, and “gamification” of a company’s more traditional assets can offer huge boosts to PR success. Here are a few emerging spaces for your public relations content to live—and how best to engage.

Pinterest – As one of the fastest-growing websites/platforms in history, Pinterest has assembled hundreds of thousands of fans, followers, and “pinners”. It’s a great time to engage these ready-made consumers of media by re-pinning messages and developing your own place on this gigantic virtual pin board.

Youtube – This media mogul has stumped many PR professionals for years. The trick to getting noticed is NOT to use your company’s video presence as a marketing platform, but rather to tell the human story behind your business. Evoke drama, get personal, and stay funny.

Twitter – The key to success in the Twitterverse: have an opinion. With scant few characters to punctuate your point, it’s up to you to figure out a way to connect with industry issues people really care about. Be specific and chatty—a high frequency of posts will keep you relevant.

Good luck!
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