Optimizing Your Company’s Rankings on the Most Popular Search Engines


image_11In this current employment market, cream-of-the-crop recruits are in high demand. Now more than ever, organizations must be prepared to compete globally to hire the top talent.

The Internet is the most widely used tool for jobseekers in search of prospects. Those who know they have the goods to offer have so many choices when it comes to finding the right employer. How is your organization going to compete for the individuals who can give your business a cutting-edge advantage?

Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing are the name of the game. Organic search drives 51% of all visitors to business-to-business and business-to-consumer Web sites, whereas paid-search drives 10% and social 5% [1]. Companies must rank high on the most widely used search engines in order to be found quickly. Ranking high on these search engines does not happen by chance. There must be a strategic marketing plan in place to position your company for success.

A strategic Inbound Marketing approach is comprehensive, and the results are measurable. When your organization utilizes this critical business strategy, there will be impressive results. The best of the best will start knocking on your door.

A strategic marketing approach must be ongoing. It is not a one-time solution, so working with a reputable Inbound Marketing company is crucial. Search engine algorithms change frequently, so experienced Internet marketing specialists are equipped to adjust the strategy to meet any challenges. Staying on the cutting edge of recruiting top talent is essential to your company’s bottom line. Money spent on marketing is certain to yield a high ROI.

Your Internet Marketing specialist will design a comprehensive strategy. They will then optimize your website and all of your content distributed online. Any adjustments that need to be made will be discussed with you and your firm. The real key to a great Internet marketing strategy is consistency.

These specialists are able to analyze what works and tweak the strategy to best work for your recruiting needs. At any given time, your organization will be able to see how many visitors are landing on your site, what practices are working and what strategies need to be changed. As an organization, you don’t have to worry about these details. Let a skilled, reputable Internet Marketing firm bring in the goods.


[1] http://www.business2community.com/online-marketing/21-spectacular-seo-and-search-marketing-stats-and-facts-01258892

Google Searches: Ensuring Your Presence on the Most Common Job Hunt Tool


image_08Job seekers have a multitude of online tools for sniffing out new opportunities such as SimplyHired, Monster and HotJobs. Their preferred job search tool, however, is often Google. With Google, job seekers can find specific positions not listed on common job boards and perform their own research on the companies as well.

It is vital for your recruiting efforts that your job openings rank high on Google search results. If your openings are not on the first two or three pages of results, candidates are probably not seeing them.

Optimizing Job Advertisements

Search Engine Optimization is essential for top search rankings. Many books have been written about SEO, but a few basic techniques can push your job adverts toward qualified candidates.

Keywords That Perform

Settle on two or three descriptive keywords for a particular opening. Use these keywords in the job title. Keep it short, neutral and general. For instance, instead of “Level 3 Product Design Technology Marketing Specialist,” “Senior Design Consultant” will do.

Use Google Adwords to test your keywords. The results reveal how many people use your keywords. Alternatives are provided that may perform better. Use the main keywords once or twice in the job description. Add in a couple of the viable keyword alternatives. Apply the same rules above for one or two key job skills required for the opening.

Meaningful Content

Pertinent content value is measured by Google in various ways:

  • Relevant headings and layout in the description
  • Natural use of keywords or keyword phrases in text
  • Linked anchor text that is descriptive
  • Relevant but sparing use of outgoing links
  • Quality inbound links
  • Images with brief, descriptive alt tags

Outgoing links to relevant company content should also be SEO friendly. Links from an active company blog are examples of strong inbound links.

Leverage the Employer Brand

Job seekers are particularly discerning consumers. They not only search for the right position but for the right company culture as well. Leverage your company’s employer brand within your job postings to increase their SEO weight and improve rankings.

How Search Engine Optimization on Career Websites and Job Postings Can Help Bring in the Right Candidates


image_30With so many candidates applying for each job opening, it is important to take the time to optimize career websites and job postings in order to attract the best candidates. Instead of using general terms or generic attributes, search engine optimization can help big companies recruit top talent with specific skills and knowledge.

Determining a Strategy

Different recruiting websites, social networking forums and job posting pages attract different types of job seekers. Content should be optimized based on where it will be posted. Overall, every posting or recruitment blog should direct internet traffic to the company’s home page where candidates apply for the position.

Focusing on Keywords

The right keywords and combinations of keywords are essential in optimizing a job listing or career website. Firms looking for statistical analysis experts might use terms such as SPSS, SAS, logistic regression, business analysis, database analyst, data analyst and data analysis all within the same posting. Thus, instead of attracting candidates with only a rudimentary skill set in analyzing databases, people with these specific skills will be directed to the posting when searching for jobs. Optimizing the listing for the most common search engines such as Google and Bing also helps to ensure that the right candidates will take notice of the opening.

Honing the List of Candidate Requirements

It is best to avoid listing soft skill attributes in online job postings and career websites. Instead of including words such as teamwork or productivity, pin down exactly what is required of the candidate. Be sure to include common abbreviations of keywords as well. A company looking for candidates holding a Masters in Health Administration might also include “MHA” and terms like health administration, health administrator and human services administrator. To optimize for the most important skills and attributes in a candidate, include the keyword multiple times and in multiple formats. Use the keyword in the title of the posting as well.