The Importance of an Accurate Job Description


image_01Writing an accurate job description when your company has an opening is not just crucial for getting qualified applicants, but it’s also essential from a legal standpoint. Taking the time to create a detailed and accurate job description is the first step in the applicant screening process. This single step can save your organization countless hours of time and an immeasurable amount of human and financial resources, as the cost per hire averages more than $20,000 nationwide.

Compliance with the Law

The job description written by the human resources department and manager plays an important role in determining whether the organization is hiring staff within the requirements of the law, such as whether or not a person is physically capable of doing the job in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accurate job descriptions allow both the employee and the organization to set wage standards and salary increases in compliance with the Equal Pay Act. A job description also determines whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt.

Better Recruitment

An accurate job description helps human resources departments recruit qualified candidates for open positions. A well-written job description includes the necessary skills, experience and expectations that the manager has for the position. When an applicant is reviewing job postings, he or she will then be able to match his or her strengths and skills with what is listed in the description of the position. The applicant will also be able to use the job description to determine what his or her career path will look like at your organization.

Performance Evaluations

Job descriptions help human resources personnel and managers evaluate whether an employee is fulfilling his or her expectations in the organization. With a job description, the employer is able to convey the requirements of the job to the employee. When it comes time for an annual performance evaluation, managers and human resources staff can measure the employee’s accomplishments against those set in the job description. This ensures that there will be no confusion over expectations for the employee’s job duties or what your organization will consider when evaluating the worker’s performance on the job.