Honoring Black History Month, 2023



Today, February 1st, is the first day of Black History Month. Also known as National African American History Month, Black History Month is an annual celebration of African American accomplishments and achievements. It is also an opportunity to reflect upon and honor the stories of Black resilience throughout our nation’s tumultuous and racially divided history.

At Buyer, Black History Month is a perfect opportunity to continue ‘activating our activism’ by educating ourselves – to learn and listen to Black experiences and African American struggles throughout US history. 

This year, however, we want to go a step further. In addition to sharing CNN’s comprehensive list of 20 books that are essential reading for Black History, our agency is kicking off Black History Month by supporting and promoting Black-owned businesses throughout our local community and in the surrounding Boston areas!

Whether you are interested in catching a dance class at TRILLFIT, or tasting uniquely mixed drinks and spirits with some colleagues at Top Mix Bar & Kitchen, or maybe you’re simply grabbing a slice of delicious ‘za at Rock City Pizzeria, here is a mapped list of the Black-owned restaurants, shops, and businesses based in Boston. 

While our country still has a long way to go in achieving racial equality, we as individuals have the power to make a positive impact within our local communities by strengthening and supporting Black-owned businesses. Will you join us this year in supporting Black-owned shops and restaurants around your local neighborhood?

Not from Boston? That’s okay! This resource is a free, crowd-sourced, map-based tool that makes it easy to find Black-owned businesses in other big cities, states, and surrounding areas. As the legendary James Baldwin once wrote: “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Happy Thanksgiving from Buyer Advertising!


happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Buyer Advertising! We have so much to be grateful for this year. We are immensely thankful for our accomplished and exceedingly dedicated Buyer team. This time last year, our agency was fully remote like many offices were. COVID continued to surge, and the office was quiet. In 2022, our agency has transformed. Buyer is back in action and in-person, and the office is energized and creative as ever with everyone back together – with some fresh faces and talented new additions to the team on top of it all! Buyer’s continuing reputation for providing our clients the best and most innovative recruitment solutions wouldn’t be possible without our dynamic team.

Reflecting on the past year, our agency is incredibly grateful for our loyal partnerships and impressive group of clients. We thank you for your business and can’t wait to break more ground as we dive into the new year!

Buyer wishes you and yours a restful Thanksgiving weekend filled with love, surrounded by family and friends, and of course, great food!

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Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Buyer, 2022


Indigenous Peoples Day_graphic 1

At Buyer Advertising, we support diversity, equity, and inclusion by taking steps toward social progress. What does that mean on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 2022? How can we, as an agency, be pioneers of change on a federal holiday shaped by centuries of oppression against Native American cultures, colonization, and the assimilation of Indigenous people and their histories? 

At Buyer, we start by educating ourselves to confront these critical yet complicated questions. Our agency recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year by honoring the diverse Native American stories, histories, and cultures by picking up a book from another incredible list: The 40 Best Native American Authors to Read in 2022

Will you join us in celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Celebrate Native American voices and authentic stories by reading one! Today’s holiday is an excellent opportunity for our community to get involved, educate each other, and honor the resilience of Native Americans throughout our nation’s tumultuous history, as we continue to teach ourselves on the land of the Indigenous people that stood before us.

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Congratulations to Our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Natasha Cuomo!



Final_Natasha Congratulations post

Buyer proudly recognizes and congratulates Natasha Cuomo on her recent promotion to Vice President of Strategic Partnerships! Natasha joined Buyer in January 2020, right before the COVID-19 outbreak. Natasha’s genuine tenacity, resilience, years of marketing experience, and breadth of knowledge helped us quickly pivot and adapt to the swift changes in our industry. We are grateful for her dedication to this agency, commitment to building solid partnerships, and devotion to meeting the growing demand for recruitment marketing solutions. Natasha plays an integral role on the Buyer team, and we cannot wait to see what she does next as she continues to thrive in her new position.

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Juneteenth at Buyer: Celebrating African American Freedom and Culture


Buyer Celebrates Juneteenth 2022

Juneteenth is a day to reflect, recognize, and celebrate the anniversary of the United States ending slavery. We honor the strength, courage, achievements, and determination of the African American community by continuing to educate ourselves and focus on self-improvement. We want to share how we plan to honor and amplify the significance of Juneteenth this year.

Juneteenth represents one of our country’s most historically profound events: on June 19, 1865, two years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Union soldiers informed the people of Galveston, TX, that all enslaved African Americans were free.

A century and a half later, Juneteenth is a nationally-recognized US holiday. Also known as Freedom Day and Black Independence Day, Juneteenth celebrates African American freedom, history, culture, and resilience. The entire nation is honoring Juneteenth in 2022.

That said, we still have more work to do. Unconscious bias exists whether we accept it or not. Microaggressions are real and happen everywhere we go. Ongoing racism against African Americans continues to infect this country on a daily basis.

So – how can we activate our activism? How do we implement action toward progress and change? What steps can we take, individually and as a community, to stand in solidarity and celebrate African American freedom on Juneteenth? We can start by making efforts to educate ourselves, our friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, and our overall communities.

Juneteenth Day falls on a Sunday this year. In these cases, Juneteenth is federally recognized as a US holiday the following Monday – and this year, on June 20, 2022. At Buyer, we start today. Our agency will treat Juneteenth weekend as a time to reflect, reassure, and celebrate Black culture this year.

Thus, we are establishing our own Juneteenth traditions. Buyer honors Juneteenth 2022 and celebrates African American achievements throughout history by picking up a book!

Will you join us in commemorating Juneteenth this weekend? Check out 49 Black Authors On Their Favorite Books by Black Authors, a list of renowned literature authored by great African American writers and thinkers.

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Beating the Great Resignation


Talent-Engine-03-24 (1)

Looking further into your recruitment strategy.

Two years into a global pandemic, and the human resources world is facing a second battle – the Great Resignation. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a mass exodus of employees, particularly in the healthcare industry. Despite this, an article from Wbur notes that the number of licensed nurses in Massachusetts alone is up. It’s a head-scratching predicament, the quick-think solution being to keep recruiting – but this alone is not enough.

Human Capital Institute writes, “Employees need great levels of engagement, empathy, direction and support.” This is a call for companies to re-evaluate the entirety of their recruitment strategy, both internally and externally – everything from the benefits offered, the leadership and resources available, to their overall Employer Brand.

A re-vamped recruitment strategy is a statement to current and future employees that a company is ready and able to meet their needs. Whether it be easier access to leaders, employment incentives, or development opportunities, today’s employees need to know their organization is listening and adapting. Better retention and onboarding of employees will only lead to stronger company performance.

Re-vamping your recruitment strategy is no small feat. With 50+ years of recruitment marketing and communications experience, Buyer Talent Solutions is ready to leverage our resources and industry knowledge to meet your hiring goals. Contact us at info@BuyerAds.com to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions.


Quote #17

Women’s History Month is well underway, the month of March being a special time for the honoring and celebration of women and their continued achievements.

In our 50+ year history as a woman-owned, WBE certified agency, Buyer recognizes that a diverse and inclusive workplace is a founding pillar for success.

We pledge our continued commitment and support for women in all aspects of the business we do and the opportunities we provide.

Buyer Intern Spotlight



We’re very excited to introduce our interns, Julia and Matthew, both joining the Buyer team for the upcoming summer.


Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 4.35.22 PM

Meet Julia:

Julia is an upcoming senior at The Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She’ll spend her internship assisting our Digital Media Solutions & Analytics team and looks forward to learning the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising and Google Search Engine Marketing. Julia is a huge dog lover, and outside of school/work she enjoys going to SoulCycle and watching Breaking Bad.



Meet Matthew:

Matthew is a rising senior at Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst, double majoring in Marketing and Economics. With a passion for crunching numbers, he’s excited to dive into the world of analytics and will work with both our Digital Media Solutions & Analytics and Business Development teams. Outside of school/work, Matthew loves the beach, reading a good book and all things Boston sports.

Buyer is proud to have the opportunity to mentor two up-and-coming marketing professionals. As a full-service recruitment agency, we have experts ready to share their knowledge in areas including Account Management, Programmatic, Analytics, Media Buying, Graphic/Web Design, and more! If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting opportunity to be a part of fast-paced, creative team, contact us at info@BuyerAds.com.

The Importance of Employee Retention in 2021



It’s a strange time in the business world. With COVID restrictions easing, the pressure is on for employers to establish their re-opening plan. The past year spotlighted many issues directly influenced by the workplace—stability, mental and physical health, diversity, opportunity, etc. It has employees reflecting on their own lives and calls for employers to go beyond day-to-day operations and make significant changes.

A recent post by Smarp states more than a third of workers are actively and casually searching for a job, the result being a costly talent war across many industries. The Buyer team is here to offer a solution applicable to current employees and potential applicants that will ensure your organization’s continued success. The key: Proactive employee retention efforts.

Start by reviewing your Employer Brand.

Re-evaluating your Employer Brand is a foolproof way to establish what is/isn’t being communicated to candidates and current employees. It allows you to better promote unique company offerings and build upon areas in need of more—whether it be diversity initiatives, development opportunities, etc. A strong Employer Brand stays with employees beyond the onboarding process and encourages company loyalty.

Encourage company connection, starting from the top.

The Smarp post states that 69% of employees would work harder if they were better appreciated. This is significant insight for employers to reflect on the ways in which their leadership oversees, encourages and challenges employees. Make sure company leadership gives consistent feedback to employees and accept theirs in return. Words of encouragement can be empowering and helpful to understand employee opinions.

Find flexibility where you can.

2020 saw an influx of remote work, and now many employees hope to continue. Remote hiring and the creation of hybrid work models show employees and future candidates that you value flexibility and can significantly expand your candidate pool.

Win the talent war with Buyer. With 50+ years of recruitment marketing experience, Buyer Talent Solutions is ready to leverage our resources and industry knowledge to meet your hiring goals. Contact us at info@BuyerAds.com to learn more about our customized recruitment solutions.

Happy National Nurses Week from Buyer Advertising



Today kicks off National Nurses Week, which undoubtedly holds a deeper meaning in 2021. This past year brought historic challenges in health care, putting nurses on the front lines against a global pandemic. We want to take this time to express our gratitude, and thank all nurses for their resilience and unwavering efforts in keeping our communities safe every day.

The Buyer Team is proud to have a part in bringing quality nurses to clients across the country each day, with career-defining opportunities in support of nursing excellence. We look forward to the year ahead, and will continue to unequivocally admire your fortitude, compassion and dedication to caring for us all.

Thank you, nurses!