4 Tips for Tweets


You’re turning to Twitter to update your customers and let them know what’s going on behind the scenes. You’re also using tweets to promote job openings—landing you the largest applicant pool you can, helping your HR department to recruit top talent. It’s a smart move. As more ‘net surfers turn to Twitter for news, information, and—let’s face it—recreation, maintaining a presence is just good business sense. Here are a few tips to make your tweets go from peeps to hoots.

Make it diverse. By changing up the tone and subject matter of your posts, you’re proving that there’s an actual human behind your machines. That’s a good thing.

Keep it to 140 characters. No, really. Short-linking makes it very easy to gush about your latest product or service, but people read Twitter because they like brevity. Give the people what they want.

Re-tweeting isn’t cheating. While your Twitter account shouldn’t be a directory of other people’s offerings, don’t be afraid to re-tweet the latest buzz from another source.

Be interesting. Seems easy, but the art of pushing out interesting content for users to consume is, well, an art. Some companies never get it right. The ones that do enjoy more online sales and better candidate pools.
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