Economics of Advertising


As the American economy enters a period of recovery and growth—albeit slower growth than many of us would prefer—eyes once again turn toward advertising. Advertising in any economy lays a solid foundation for development of your own, but in times of want, it often takes a back seat to other budgetary concerns.

It shouldn’t.

Advertising, whether for recruitment purposes in building a stronger, more capable company, or in promoting your services and product to customers, is the engine of success. Now, as we enter a period of economic recovery, it’s more important than ever to convince an increasingly consumeristic market to invest in your brand. Advertising will:

1. Make more jobs – Attract the right type of employees to your company, or drive the economy forward through sales.

2. Reduce selling costs – By creating a demand, you’re streamlining the way your product reaches its target destination.

3. Grow company profits – On average, every dollar invested in advertising sees itself multiply by half again. Targeted advertising will grow your investment even further.

4. Find security – By crafting an advertising strategy now, you’re creating a pattern of product recognition and sales that will keep your company solvent for years to come.

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Social Media Strategizing for 2011


It’s a new year, and your company has a new focus: bringing in business by utilizing New Media. It’s no easy task. Considering that sites like Facebook and Twitter are only a scant few years old, determining tactics for these new mediums is a hazy enterprise at best.

Companies are still figuring out the strategies that work for their line of business. But whether you sell shoes or jet engines, there are two goals you should have in mind: increasing the number of followers, and provide ways they can pick up what you’re offering.

That is to say, of course, that your tactics shouldn’t necessarily reflect your goals. After all, pitching offers to your fanbase one after another is a surefire way to lose your audience in a hurry. If there’s one thing that 2010 has to teach us, it’s that large companies don’t necessarily translate into successful online powerhouses. Small organizations can get it right, too.

At the risk of oversimplifying, one great strategy is simple: don’t be boring. The most successful businesses in the world may have their message down to a science, but that doesn’t mean you can robotic about disseminating it. People aren’t machines. Remain personal, laid back, even humorous. Offer content real people can use—not just CEOs. Cater to the casual. And stay interactive. Join us this year as we explore social media in detain, including ways for you to strike it big in the world of social media.

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11 Advertising Trends for 2011


As we gear up to say farewell to 2010, we find ourselves already looking forward to the future—to a year of new technology, interesting recruitment strategies, and approaches that will innovate the field of HR, advertising, and beyond. Here’s a quick look at what the year ahead may hold.

More about mobile:

1. More apps at your fingertips. Look for organizations to deliver real-time product offerings and availability, as well as instant job openings and qualifications

2. Mobile coupons and promotions being delivered and utilized from handheld devices.

3. Innovative new ways for companies to use existing connections (think Facebook and Twitter friends/followers) to reach potential customers.

4. Text messaging growing as a means to distribute information—and reach a target audience in the process.

5. Increased opportunity to order products and provide ebrochures online.

Viral desires:

6. New games to provide some fun distraction while pitching a business.

7. Silly YouTube videos. Wacky podcasts. Increasingly bizarre commercials.

8. More ways to reach more audiences online: think the next Digg, but with social media integration.


9. Expect a merge: Today, on your Facebook page, you see advertisements and content. Expect a blend of the two in the future, where messaging becomes a promotional tool for companies themselves.

10. According to eMarketer, expect an increase of 10.5% spent in online advertising.

11. Advertisements becoming more content focused, delivering information rather than just the same ol’ pitch.
Join us in 2011 as we explore the wild frontier of advertising together!

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Human Resources—Preparing for 2011


As HR professionals, we’re looking forward to the future as new trends constantly emerge. Today, the landscape of hiring quality employees is shifting more rapidly than ever. 2011 will be no exception—expect plenty of changes that affect the way your organization recruits new talent.

According to the HR Management blog, there are 10 major changes to the way recruitment will work in 2011. Here are the highlights:

1. Rise in health care costs.
2. Focus on domestic safety and security.
3. Use of technology to communicate with employees.
4. Growing complexity of legal compliance.
5. Use of technology to perform transactional HR functions.
6. Focus on global security
7. Preparing for the next wave of retirement/labor shortage.
8. Use and development of e-learning.
9. Exporting of U.S. manufacturing jobs to developing countries.
10. Changing definition of family.

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