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At Buyer Advertising, we help our clients recruit top talent in a variety of industries including Retail, Healthcare, and Hospitality.  Click on the links below to learn more about our clients and these career opportunities.

Buyer Solutions: Mobile/Responsive Career Sites


Did you know that over 1 billion job searches are done per month on a mobile device? At Buyer Advertising, our custom mobile solutions will help optimize your jobs for candidates on-the-go!

Buyer’s mobile recruiting solutions offer:

  • Cohesive employer branding
  • Compelling custom content
  • Responsive/mobile ready interfaces
  • Geo targeted job search capability
  • Quick apply functionality
  • ATS/social media integration

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Finding the balance between “edgy” and “on-point” can be a tricky tightrope to walk. You watch in wonder as the goofy commercials from Old Spice become viral hits on YouTube, and can only sit back and contemplate if a similar strategy would work for your company. But for every successful venture into the land of bizarre advertising, there are a hundred examples of spacey videos, confounding print ads, and even re-brands that have left company loyals confused and consumers scratching their heads.

As always in our industry, we need to think of the customer first. Old Spice is deodorant that goes under the armpit so you smell nice. Medical instruments and baby formulas have an entirely separate consumer base—weird shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary. In order to be different, make sure your customers are hip enough to “get it”. Even if you do decide to take a plunge in to the odd, make sure
you still convey your message. Advertising that doesn’t make a point is just… well, weird.

Above all, challenge the conventional with a fresh approach that doesn’t sacrifice your integrity, offend the masses, or lose track of your message. You’ll be surprised at the results.

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Social Networking Means Socializing


If you’re here, you probably realize the importance of social media. After all, blogging is a great way to get your message out while putting a personal face on your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter—these sites represent a conduit to better SEO and a solid recruitment platform for your business. Although we’ve discussed the value of simply signing up in the past, let’s review some great ways to get talking, stay social, and put your social media strategy to work.

Get active. If you’re logging onto Facebook or Twitter only when you have a position to fill, you’ll be staring into a blank space every time. The best recruiters spend time building their network even when they’re full up. Social networking provides some great ways to do that: inviting colleagues and acquaintances to connect, joining professional groups, and building a fanbase by offering smart posts, links, and content.

Be Generous. Provide advice to fans and professionals alike, and check in every so often with a genuine, “how are you”? Becoming a resource is the number one way to attract attention in the world of social media—and in the case of sites like LinkedIn, more attention means better access to qualified candidates.

Stay Current. Update your business’ profile with links to your personal and company homepages, provide an email address, and keep information up-to-date. Staying relevant keeps you foremost in the minds of potentially perfect candidates—and after all, isn’t that what we’re after?

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11 Advertising Trends for 2011


As we gear up to say farewell to 2010, we find ourselves already looking forward to the future—to a year of new technology, interesting recruitment strategies, and approaches that will innovate the field of HR, advertising, and beyond. Here’s a quick look at what the year ahead may hold.

More about mobile:

1. More apps at your fingertips. Look for organizations to deliver real-time product offerings and availability, as well as instant job openings and qualifications

2. Mobile coupons and promotions being delivered and utilized from handheld devices.

3. Innovative new ways for companies to use existing connections (think Facebook and Twitter friends/followers) to reach potential customers.

4. Text messaging growing as a means to distribute information—and reach a target audience in the process.

5. Increased opportunity to order products and provide ebrochures online.

Viral desires:

6. New games to provide some fun distraction while pitching a business.

7. Silly YouTube videos. Wacky podcasts. Increasingly bizarre commercials.

8. More ways to reach more audiences online: think the next Digg, but with social media integration.


9. Expect a merge: Today, on your Facebook page, you see advertisements and content. Expect a blend of the two in the future, where messaging becomes a promotional tool for companies themselves.

10. According to eMarketer, expect an increase of 10.5% spent in online advertising.

11. Advertisements becoming more content focused, delivering information rather than just the same ol’ pitch.
Join us in 2011 as we explore the wild frontier of advertising together!

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Human Resources—Preparing for 2011


As HR professionals, we’re looking forward to the future as new trends constantly emerge. Today, the landscape of hiring quality employees is shifting more rapidly than ever. 2011 will be no exception—expect plenty of changes that affect the way your organization recruits new talent.

According to the HR Management blog, there are 10 major changes to the way recruitment will work in 2011. Here are the highlights:

1. Rise in health care costs.
2. Focus on domestic safety and security.
3. Use of technology to communicate with employees.
4. Growing complexity of legal compliance.
5. Use of technology to perform transactional HR functions.
6. Focus on global security
7. Preparing for the next wave of retirement/labor shortage.
8. Use and development of e-learning.
9. Exporting of U.S. manufacturing jobs to developing countries.
10. Changing definition of family.

(Thanks to http://www.humanresources.hrvinet.com/hr-trends-2011/)

Make sure you bookmark our blog as we explore some of these issues in greater depth. Share your thoughts with us!
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Writing a Brilliant EVP: Starting Out Strong


They’re called Employee Value Propositions, and their purpose is simple: clearly outline the benefit of working at your organization. The start of a good hiring campaign often starts with a well-written, well-thought out EVP statement.

There are a few very good reasons to take the time and do things right. On the one hand, a great EVP provides at-a-glance discovery of your organization for employees-to-be. On the other, it’s an essential element in organizing the various pieces of a hiring campaign. A EVP makes a good “checklist” against which you can compare your online hiring efforts. Your Facebook recruitment posts. Your job fairs.

When actually sitting down and writing your EVP, you’ve got to stand out from the competition. Differentiation is essential if you hope to make a difference and catch a potential recruit’s attention. “Great benefits” and “teamwork” won’t make the cut—in fact, there isn’t anything more guaranteed to make a candidate’s eyes glaze over than reading everything he or she has seen a million times. Instead, use your EVP as an opportunity to relate what makes your company a great place to work. And be honest. Ensure your employee brand matches the reality of your workplace. An honest, upfront portrayal is necessary to attract the types of employees you want working in your office. As with most things HR, it isn’t always about quantity, it’s about quality.

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