Your Two Brands: Part 2


Last week, we had the chance to discuss your two brands: your company and your employer brand. This week, we’d like to unpack it all and offer some practical advice for moving forward developing your reputation as an employer.

After reading our last entry (you did read it, didn’t you?), you understand the importance of developing your employer brand. Let the information you gathered from your research step help direct your advertising and marketing recruitment efforts. If you have dissatisfied workers in your ranks, launch employee rewards programs, incentive programs, and specialized internal advertising to bolster the sagging morale. Likewise, if people just don’t know much about you as an employer, that’s an indication to hit the magazines with some advertising, start a social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and use other media to get the word out about why working at your organization is a great idea.

In any case, take the time to develop tangible assets like your Employee Value Proposition. And plan, plan, plan. That’s why experts like us at Buyer Advertising exist—to maximize the effectiveness of your employer brand and deliver the talent needed to make your business succeed.

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Your Two Brands: Part 1


As a successful organization, you know the value of your brand. It connects customers with your services, instills a sense of confidence in buyers, and finds a home in the brains of your target audience. It’s the buzz surrounding your business. But, as you’ve probably deduced from this title, we’re talking about two brands. The second being, of course, your employer brand.

How you represent yourselves to employees-to-be is very relevant to the success of your business. That’s because as you recruit talented people, your overall expertise and capabilities grow along with your employee pool. Your two brands don’t exist in a vacuum. There is always cross-contamination—for the better or worse. One example is Google—a fun, ultra-modern, Internet-savvy brand has since paved the way to an exceptional employee brand.

Even still, building an effective employee brand takes special attention. When it comes to your employer brand, take the time to get to know yourself. Conduct polls both inside your organization and outside to accurately gauge where you stand. From there, you can build a campaign that’s specific to hiring top talent—maximizing your advertising dollars spent. At Buyer Advertising, we recognize the critical importance of an employer brand, and in many cases, work specifically towards redefining that aspect of your company.

Tune in next week for more tips on building your employer brand!

3 Super Strategies for Employee Engagement


Motivating an employee force is critical to the success of any business. Unhappy employees can slow down productivity—while happy, enthusiastic ones can re-vitalize the culture of a business and provide exceptional results. Here are a few tips on how to go about energizing your employees.

Do your homework. Take the time to conduct research and get to know your employees: what makes them tick, their aggravation points, and what they’re looking to take away from their careers. Run surveys. Ask questions. Arming yourself with this fundamental knowledge will make future engagement efforts that much more effective.

Reward and recognize. Every workplace has their heroes and heroines. Identifying these individuals who perform exceptionally well—and rewarding them accordingly—not only inspires them to keep on going the extra mile, but also shows the rest of your workforce that extraordinary efforts yield real benefits. Contests and promotions help grease the wheels, too.

Encourage the culture. Every workplace has its own character. If you’ve taken our first tip, then you’re starting out with an overall knowledge base on your employee population. Tap into the culture, anecdotes, legends, stories, and overall flavor of your day-to-day operation. Use it as a template to develop programs specifically aimed at your unique place of business.

We’re Buyer Advertising. Nice to Meet You.


Where to start? The past few years have dropped huge changes onto our laps: major alterations to the way humans consume information, rumblings of economic uncertainty, and the coronation of social media. But no matter the ups and downs, this much is true: a brand remains the bread and butter of your company. A successful recruitment strategy is the engine behind success.

That’s where Buyer Advertising shines. For decades now (we came together in 1966, FYI), we’ve seen first-hand what brilliant marketing can achieve. What works? Bold approaches backed by innovative brainstorming. What doesn’t? Aimlessly firing shots off the port bow. That’s why we back up our portfolio of services with research. Every strategy we develop is fueled by extraordinary effort, innovative social media tools (such as this blog!), and good, old-fashioned elbow grease and burning the midnight oil. That’s a trade secret—don’t tell anyone, okay?

This space shall be our canvas for sketching out our thoughts on marketing trends, a place to scoop the latest buzz in recruitment advertising, and a portal to the inner-workings of our offices. Watch it! Join the movement. You’ll find us here, ready to lead the way:

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